Introduction to MWS.

MWS is the abbreviation for Marketplace Web Service.

MWS enables programmatic data exchange for offers, orders, payments and more. This gives Adspert the ability to access much more product-related data, which is used for the optimisation and product management.

Benefits for optimisation.

  1. By using product attributes, Adspert can better estimate conversion rates. Especially for new products or products with low volumes, this is particularly helpful to reach your goals better and faster.

  2. Inventory can be used to promote products with low inventory less aggressively and thus save advertising costs.

  3. It is also important for profit optimisation, as the constantly changing product prices are transmitted via Amazon MWS and can thus always be optimised for the exact profit.

Benefits for product management.

Through the Amazon MWS connection, the product images and product titles are visible in our dashboard on the "Products" page. This not only provides aggregated key figures but also simplifies the management of the products.

In the article you can find more information about the "Product" page.

What data does Adspert use via MWS?

Adspert uses all data related to products, such as:

  • Images

  • Names

  • Quantity

  • Sales prices

  • Fees

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