The advertising costs and sales in the dashboard may differ from the figures on the invoice.

The invoice shows the values from the respective month. In the dashboard, we show the values based on the current active campaigns, ad groups and criteria.

So if a campaign is paused in the middle of the month, of course, that campaign will still show up on the invoice if it has been optimized up to that point. However, it won't show up in the dashboard with the preset filters, since only the active campaigns will show up by default. The same is applied to a campaign that would only be optimized for one day. This campaign will still appear on the invoice for that one day and will not be shown directly in the dashboard if it has been paused or deleted except you removed the filter.

You can see the final numbers, which also form the basis for invoicing, in the usage report on the subscription page. This can be found right next to your invoice in the Adspert Dashboard.

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