When creating a new campaign, you can choose the following options in regards to the campaign bidding strategies.

  • Dynamic bids - down only
  • Dynamic bids - up and down
  • Fixed bids

Adspert works with Dynamic bids - down only. This is because Amazon doesn’t allow negative values on bid adjustments. Which means that the lowest negative value Adspert can use is zero. With the bid down only strategy, we force Amazon to bid down, so Adspert can bid up. This helps to not inflate the costs by having Amazon bid up as well.

Be aware, if you select a different bidding strategy than "Dynamic bids - down only", Adspert will change this to automatically to "Dynamic bids - down only". Due to the mentioned reason above.

How does Adspert log this in the dashboard

The Amazon Advertising API works with different terminology for the same bidding strategy than for the Advertising Console. See below an overview of the same bidding strategies only different terminologies.

Amazon Advertising API

Amazon Advertising Console


Dynamic bids - down only


Dynamic bids - up and down


Fixed bids

Since Adspert works with the Amazon Advertising API, we will showcase in our "Log" page the bidding strategy according to the API terminology. Meaning when its set to manual (Fixed bids) we will change it to legacyforSales (Dynamic bids - down only).

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