A9 Algorithm

Amazon's algorithm to prioritize and display products in search results.

Automatic Campaigns (Amazon)

Amazon uses specific, context-based targeting of keywords to generate the best results from your ads. Amazon uses natural keyword searches by browsing to find similar products to yours to make sure that the ads are relevant to the searchers in your specific market.

Bid adjustments

Percentage based adjustments to a bid on an ad

Close Match

Your products are displayed to buyers who use search terms closely matched with your products.

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Adspert Dashboard is the user interface to manage your ads performance, set performance goals, download reports, observe scenarios.


Effective eCPC is the conversion of your traffic into paying customers.

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Key figure

A key performance indicator, otherwise known as KPI, is a numerical value that summarizes the operation effectiveness and performance of a company or a key performance indicator, but does not provide information about actual performance. Businesses usually measure progress towards specific business outcomes by means of measuring key performance indicators. These indicators are normally based on statistical measures, such as the average price and sale volume over time, profit margin, and various other indicators that are easily determined and collated.

Loose Match

This option allows your ad to be shown in search results if your ad product slightly matches buyers' search results.

For example; You sell “Song Cover Glass for Partner, Friend, Family.” You may appear on Valentine’s Day search result like below.

explanatory image for Amazon Ads Loose Match

Manual Campaigns

With manual campaigns, the seller chooses the keywords to be targeted in the ads. There are a couple of options on how to target these keywords - which are called the Match Types on Amazon. The match types map the instances for on which the ad is shown providing you the capability to restrict ads only for the best buyer audience.

Performance group

Group of ad accounts or campaigns with a common performance goal

Product Profit Maximization

Optimization working towards maximizing product-level profitability. Advanced set up needed (full product feed).

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Profit Maximization (Autopilot)

Adspert optimization working towards maximizing your advertising campaigns' gross profitability.


Substitutes are targeted buyers who view the detail pages of products that substitutes your product. Often the same type of product sold by a different brand (e.g. Miele refrigerator instead of Samsung).

For example; You sell Puma runner shoes.

Usage report

A report with details about Adspert usage with regard to invoicing

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