Adding placements to the managed placement group is a vital part of the optimization for Display campaigns. Placements are locations on the Google Display Network where your ads can appear, for instance websites and apps that partner with Google to show ads.

There are millions of placements. Adspert can set a different CPC bid for each of them and get the best performance out of your campaign.

How does the selection of placements work?

Adspert only adds placements that are already contained in your targeting.

Placements with particular high volume are added by Adspert to set separate bids. This is way, it's ensured that well-performing placements get higher bids and thereby, more highly qualified traffic. Equally Adspert can set lower bids for bad-performing keywords to avoid unnecessary costs.

If a domain (i.e. has an adequate high volume, even singular URLs of this domain (i.e. or are added by Adspert.

In rare cases, if a domain or URL does not perform well, it will be excluded.

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