In this article, Adspert provides more context to the notification of "conversions without value". This notification triggers when a conversion is detected without a value.

The notification description

Description: Conversions without a value. We have detected 0 conversion values. For better result, adjust the conversion values of your advertising account, or set a fixed conversion value in the Adspert Dashboard.

Conditions to trigger

This notification triggers when we have detected conversions with a conversion value of zero. This can happen when for instance you have selected "Get conversion value from X".

And have set up a micro-conversion type that is focused on completing an activity, e.g. email signup.

For conversions optimisation, it's very important to give values to every conversions type even if they don't represent a value otherwise Adspert would not know which conversion type to prioritize.


For the optimisation to work better, please either change the conversion values on your advertising account or set a fixed conversion value in the Adspert Dashboard.

To adjust in Adspert the value of the conversions you have to go to the "Settings" page.

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