In this article, Adspert provides more context to the notification of "unconfirmed goals". This notification triggers when your performance group goals are unconfirmed.

The notification description

Description: Unconfirmed optimization goals. There are Performance Groups with unconfirmed goals that need your attention.

Conditions to trigger

This notification triggers when a campaign is added or excluded from a performance group. This can happen either automatically or manually. See the following scenarios of how campaigns can be added or excluded automatically and manually:

  1. A campaign has been manually excluded from a performance group.

  2. The campaign(s) status in the native advertising platform has been changed from active to paused.

  3. The optimization has been paused for a campaign within the performance group.

  4. Campaigns have been added manually or automatically to a performance group.

Why is this important?

Based on the campaigns in the performance group Adspert will try to reach the goal. When this changes, for instance, if you have a cost/month goal with three campaigns in the performance group then Adspert will need to divide the cost over the best performing keywords of these three campaigns. However, if one campaign will be added that means that the other three campaigns would get less budget. Therefore, it's important to confirm your goals.

What steps to take?

Go to the "Goals" page and review your goals.

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