In case of remarketing campaigns Adspert sets bids in two different ways.

a) If several remarketing lists are used in one ad group, Adspert sets a bid adjustment for each list according to its performance.

b) Adspert sets individual bids for placements according to their performance.

Why does Adspert add specific placements to remarketing campaigns?

Adspert adds specific placements in order to be able to set bids for them. It is possible that people belonging to the same remarketing list are addressed by different placements. Typically one can recognize different willingnesses to buy of that person according to the certain placement.

Hence, it is useful to set different bids for different placements. To be able to do so, it is necessary to add the placements before. That's why placements are added to remarketing campaigns.

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Does Adspert consider the targeting of remarketing campaigns during the optimization?

Your targeting for your remarketing campaigns will be considered as it is for all other campaign types. Adspert optimizes bids but doesn not change anything on your set targeting.

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