This depends on how much the new goals differ from the current values. If the new goals are close to the current measured market values, the new goals can be achieved after one day. In case goals differ strongly from the current KPIs, the goal achievement can take some days. Typically new goals will be achieved within 2 to 5 days – if those goals can be achieved in the market and are not bounded by budget limits.

The new goal is not achieved even after 5 days?
If you changed your goal and it is not achieved after 5 days, please check if your AdWords budget is completely used and increase it. Also make sure that the set goal is realistic. An example for an unrealistic goal: You are already on position 1 and want to spend significantly more budget. For this purpose Adspert can offer individual solutions.

Please contact us if you still don’t know why your goals are not achieved:

Why does not the goal achievement work quicker?
Even small bid changes can lead to extremely big changes of impressions, clicks and especially costs in certain situations. The optimization of Adspert is based on market estimations that always underlie a particular uncertainty. Hence, Adspert does not set the estimated optimal CPC bid immediately but achieves it mostly within 2 to 3 substeps. This is necessary to assure corrections of the estimations in order to find the optimal CPC and avoid cost explosions and overdrive.

Do you know in advance that you want to do a big goal adjustment or do you need a quicker way to achieve your goals? Get in touch with us:

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