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What does the term "value of a conversion" mean?

The conversion value describes how much money a conversion is worth to you. Not all conversions are equal for a business - some are worth more than others. That's why you can assign different values to all your conversion actions to see the total value driven by your advertising across different conversions. This way you can identify and focus on high-value conversions.

How to define conversion values in Adspert

You can transmit your conversion values to Adspert via Google AdWords or you enter the value of a conversion directly in the Adspert dashboard following: Control > Settings > Advanced settings > Value of a conversion.

Follow the link "Adjust values per campaign" to specify your conversion values on campaign level. 

If you don't see this setting option in your Adspert dashboard, our support team will be happy to enable this feature for you. Simply write us an email to

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