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How does Adspert react if buy conversions and click out conversions occur in AdWords at the same time?

In case buy conversions (relevant for the optimization) and click out conversions (irrelevant for the optimization) occur in AdWords, Adspert uses an average conversion value. This procedure is unproblematic because click out conversions will be included in the calculation. This way the higher conversion rate balances the lower conversion value.


1 conversion (buy) with a value of 100 EUR
10 conversions (click out) each with a value of 0,10 EUR
100 impressions


Consideration from a customer point of view who is interested in buy conversions only:

Conversion rate: 1%
Conversion value: 100 EUR/conversion
Value/click: 100 EUR * 1% = 1 EUR


Consideration from Adspert's point of view:

Conversion rate: 11%
Conversion value: (1 * 100 EUR + 10 * 0,10 EUR) / 11 conversions
= 9,18 EUR/conversion

Value/click: 9,18 EUR * 11% = 1,0098 EUR

This example shows that both variations almost have the same result. The minimal difference can be explained with 10 * 0,10 EUR that result from the additional counted click out conversions.

If the click out conversions would be much more valuable, this effect would be stronger and one should consider to adapt the transmitted conversion values to avoid occurring problems. Adspert recommends, if possible, to only transmit buy conversions.

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