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Which conversion tracking can I use with Adspert?

Adspert uses the conversion tracking of Google AdWords (also via Google Analytics), Bing Ads and Yandex.Direct (via Metrica). Therefore, you don't need to implement a new tracking in order to use Adspert. As certified partner, Adspert connects directly via the APIs of AdWords, Bing Ads and Yandex.Direct. 


Information about the Google AdWords Conversion Tracking:

Information about Bing Ads Conversion Tracking:

Information about Yandex.Direct Tracking via Yandex.Metrica:


The conversion value, that is the basis of the Adspert optimization, can be determined in the following ways: 

1. Use the Conversion Values transmitted from the Platform (AdWords, Bing Ads, Yandex.Direct). This is recommended as it is able to report individual values for each single conversion.

2. Setting a manual value directly in the Adspert account via Control > Settings > Advanced settings > Value of a conversion. Manual Conversion Values can be set per Account or per Campaign.


If the setting for conversion values is not available in your Adspert account, our support team is happy to activate this function for you. Just write an email to

3. Via the Adspert API (on account level, campaign level, or keyword level). Please contact our support for this option.

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