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What is the correction factor? When and for what do I use it?

You submit your revenue to AdWords as a conversion value and want to use the autopilot so that Adspert optimize your profit. In this case, you need to use your profit margin as a correction factor.  


  1. If you sell iPhone for 600€ and you buy them for 500€, the price of your shopping basket will be 600€ but you only make 100€ profit per transaction. Therefore, you need to input a correction factor of 100/600=16% in Adspert if you want to use the autopilot.
  2. You want to take into account other parameters such as customer lifetime value that is not tracked in AdWords
  3. You don’t submit your real conversion values to Adwords and therefore you want to correct the value for the optimization.

You can change the correction factor per account or for each campaign.

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