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What is the difference if I set a goal on campaign or account level?

If you set campaign goals, Adspert will try to achieve this goal for every single campaign. However, for account goals Adspert will try to achieve the goal for the whole account. 

General example

You have an account with two campaigns. If you set 500,- EUR/month as expenses for each of the two campaigns, Adspert will spend approximately 1000,- EUR. Those expenses will be distributed evenly. 

If you set 1000,- EUR/month as account goal, you will have the same expenses. However, Adspert will spend more on the campaign that brings cheaper conversions (or in comparison significantly more revenue) and less on the other campaign. This leads to more conversions in comparison to the named campaign goals although the expenses are the same. 

Goals can also be set on Performance group level. The group goal will be reached with the help of the grouped campaigns. As the goals on account level single campaigns, depending on their individual performance, to deviate upward or downward from the group goal.

Consequently, we recommend - if possible - to set an Performance Group goal or even better an account goal that Adspert can optimize freely according to the best possible results.

CPO, ROI and CRR goals

The procedure is similar for CPO, ROI and CRR goals. For instance, if you set a CPO goal of 10,- EUR for both campaigns, each campaign will approximately have a CPO of 10,- EUR (and thereby usually the account as well).

For a CPO account goal of 10,- EUR, the CPO for each campaign can be different. Adspert will optimize in a way that the CPO will be approximately 10,- EUR for the whole account.

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