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Is it possible that a budget is too low for the goal autopilot?

The Autopilot tries to achieve as much profit as possible for you in any case. If Adspert refers to your AdWords budget as “too low”, it means the following: The autopilot could gain more profit by a volume increase. However, due to the set AdWords budget it is not possible to increase the volume further.



Assumed a conversion is worth 10,- EUR to you and the autopilot could set bids in a way that either 10 conversions for 20,- EUR or 20 conversions for 60,- EUR are achieved.


This example illustrates that for the second case a higher CPO arises but the higher volume achieves more profit. Consequently, the autopilot would decide for the second scenario. However, if you have set an AdWords budget of 20,- EUR, this will be impossible and you will generate 80,- EUR instead of 140,- EUR profit.

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