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I want certain keywords and ad groups to be on position 1. Can you do that?

Adspert offers a feature called First Position Bidding. With that you can choose keywords and ad groups you want to appear on position one.

1. Where to set First Position Bidding in Adspert

  • Log in to your Adspert account.
  • Go to “Control” – “Goals & Promotions” – tab “Promotions”.
  • Click on the blue button “+ Add Promotion”.
  • Fill in the basic data like “Promotion Name” and choose “First position bidding” at “Promotion type”.
  • Enter a limit for the base CPC bid. Please take into consideration that it refers to the base bid limit, not the maximal CPC the system bids, which might be higher due to the use of bid adjustments or ECPC.



2. How to select targets for First Position Bidding

  • Either click the blue button “Select targets” or choose the tab “targets” right next to “Basic data”.
  • Navigate to and select your ad groups or keywords. Alternatively you can use the search function.
  • Click the green button to select your targets for First Position Bidding.
  • If you want to reverse your selection, simply click the red button.
  • Click the blue button “Check promotion” and you are done.

3. What to keep in mind

To help you avoid unwanted results of First Position Bidding, please make sure to read the following hints.

1. Promotions are not recommended as they are always in conflict with performance driven optimization.

2. Account or campaign goals always have priority.

  • Make sure to check if you need to adjust the overall Campaign or Performance Group Goals as well.

First Position Bidding can lead to massive cost increases.

  • The base CPC limit does not replace a cost limit. Even if you set a max. base CPC bid, your total costs can increase drastically.
  • Set a budget limit in your advertising platform in order to cap your spending to a maximum.
  • Check your expenses and key figures daily.


4. To get started with First Position Bidding, we recommend choosing only a few keywords or ad groups. 

  • If you want to use this feature for many keywords or ad groups, it is advisable to create a completely new campaign.
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