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Why does Adspert switch from “standard” to “accelerated” ad delivery?

By selecting “accelerated delivery”, Adspert adjusts bids automatically in a way that you will take part in Google auctions optimally during the whole day.

When using the option "standard", meaning the decision to evenly distribute the budget across the entire day, Adspert cannot exhaust the following possibilities:

1. Identify the optimal bid for every keyword.

2. Bid down non-performing keywords.

3. Use the available budget for well-performing keywords and generate more clicks for them.


With the help of the standard ad delivery one may achieve an even budget distribution but one will never know if one could have gained clicks more cost-effectively and thereby, could have used the remaining budget to take part in further auctions. In this way, a minimization of costs, which is an important part of the performance increase, is impossible.

In case the setting “accelerated delivery” leads to the fact that the daily budget cannot be distributed over the whole day, Adspert decreases bids in a way that the budget is distributed evenly across the entire day as well as the most cost-effective clicks are generated.

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