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Which features does Adspert offer?


Adspert sets the ideal bid for every keyword and placement at any time. Thereby, seasonality, bid adjustments, and possible conversion delays are considered.


Adding/excluding keywords and placements

During the optimization Adspert also takes care of the following aspects:

  • Adding keywords (via exact match, half manually/automatically); There are no keyword additions for the following campaign types since it is needless in terms of content: Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), Google Shopping (former Product Listing Ads).
  • Adding placements (domains and URLs, automatically)
  • Excluding keywords (via exact match and very seldom)
  • Excluding placements (via URLs, automatically)
  • Pausing keywords that become unprofitable with bids of 1 cent


Bid adjustments

Adspert sets bids for most bid adjustment dimensions such as time, gender, device, interest and location combined with multiple match types.

Learn more about bid adjustments.


Possible goal settings

Depending on whether you convey conversion values and which one (revenue or profit), you can set different goals in Adspert. Click on the corresponding goal to learn more about it.



Adspert supports conversions and dynamic conversion values.

Conversions: Many conversions per click
Select this option if you assign several conversion to one click on your AdWords ad. Learn more about conversions.

Dynamic conversion values
Dynamic conversion values are suited if you have different conversion types and thereby, different conversion values. Learn more about dynamic conversion values.


Conversion tracking

Adspert either needs native Google conversions in the AdWords account or imported Google Analytics goals to know the number of conversions. Only in these two cases, conversion values can be transmitted to Adspert in the following ways:

1. Set directly in the Adspert account (on account or campaign level)

2. Dynamically via the Google AdWords shopping basket feature (individually per conversion)

3. Via the Adspert API (on account level, campaign level, or keyword level)

4. Via analysis tools Adspert cooperates with like Webtrekk and Econda (on account level, campaign level, or keyword level)


Supported campaign types*

With the help of Adspert you can optimize the following campaign types:

Campaign types





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