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How can I optimize ads according to the revenues they create?

Adspert can optimize for real revenues your store generates. Moreover it can identify these keywords which generate you precious revenue as well as those that cause ROI losses. This is important for e-commerce businesses, where each conversion creates different added value.

By setting Adspert to optimize for real revenues, the tool will take into account not only your goals but the exact profitability of each of your keywords. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your goals are achieved and the highest revenue is generated.


Switching the optimization is simple. Here we go:

1. Your Google AdWords or Analytics tracking needs to be properly set up, so that purchase values get recorded in AdWords. Here you will find how to do it in AdWords: Set up conversion tracking.

2. Let the system run for at least 30 days with conversion values being recorded in AdWords.

3. Double check if the values are correct. To check it, we advise you to go to AdWords / Tools / Conversions and check if the conversion value table has reasonably looking revenues.


If you are sure everything works correctly and that revenues are constantly registered in AdWords, you may set Adspert to the alternative optimization mode.

1. Log in to your Adspert account. Choose "Control" - "Settings" in the navigation.

2. At "Value of a conversion" click on the option "Get conversion value via AdWords". If you can’t see this button, please contact us:

3. After the switch you may use the correction factor to adjust your revenues. (When should I change the value correction factor?) In general the correction factor should remain at 100%. This way AdWords conversion values will be transmitted to Adspert in a 1 to 1 ratio.

4. Set a goal at "Control" - "Goals & Promotions" to make sure Adspert does what you want it to do. These are the goals you can set in Adspert.

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