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I want to spend a certain budget per month on AdWords. Is that possible with Adspert?

If you want to spend a certain budget for AdWords per month, you can set a costs per month goal in Adspert. Learn more about the goal costs/month.

Why should the budget set in AdWords be higher than the goal set in Adspert?

If you set a cost per month goal, Adspert tries to spend on average a thirtieth of the budget daily. Since expenses vary (partly by chance, partly depending on a certain weekday), you will have higher and lower daily expenses from time to time. This is totally normal and fluctuations compensate one another so that your expenses meet your desired average.

In case your set daily budget in Adspert is equated to your desired average expenses, the situation will change. AdWords will decrease days with higher expenses to the desired budget. For days with lower expenses nothing will happen. Hence, the average expenses are lower and thereby the goal can’t be achieved.

To avoid this problem, AdWords budgets should exceed the goals set in Adspert. Mostly a 20% higher budget is sufficient. For accounts with strongly varying expenses, a higher budget is advisable.

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