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How can I add new users?

The person signing up a Google AdWords account for an optimization by Adspert automatically receives the status Customer Admin. Thereby, this person can easily invite new users and define to which Google AdWords accounts those new users have access to. Here we go:


1. Log in to your Adspert account.

2. Click on the gear wheel at the top on the right and select “Adspert account settings”.

3. Select “Manage users” on the left-hand side.

4. Click on “+ Invite other users”, enter an email address and click on “Invite”.

5. In the third column “Access to” you can determine to which Google AdWords accounts the new user gets access to.

6. In the fourth column “Action” you can remove the user if desired.


New users don’t receive the status Customer Admin and therefor have no access to the administrative area of your Adspert account (e.g. payment details, invoices, and user management).

If you would like to give persons the status "Customer Admin" please contact the Adspert support via

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