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Why did Adspert set such high or low CPC bids?

CPC bids are directly related to the goals and settings that are set by you in your Adspert account. Learn more about the goals you can set in Adspert.


1. Clients who do not optimize on real revenue coming from AdWords

Increased/lowered CPC bids result here from the goal set for the account or selected campaigns.

If a particular keyword generates conversions at a very attractive price in comparison to the set goal, Adspert will bid aggressively up to make sure you get all possible traffic. Keywords that significantly overshoot the target will get low bids.


2. Clients who optimize for revenues coming from Adwords

By working with real revenues, Adspert's logic works in order to grant the highest profit resulting from ad delivery.

Adspert will increase CPCs whenever the generated revenues for a keyword significantly outweigh the costs this keyword generates. The selected goal will of course also be taken into account.

Consequently, a keyword will be bid down if it generates little added value or is completely unprofitable.


Please note, that the bidding decisions also depend on further settings and options you use in Adspert as well as on external circumstances that may affect the performance of your account. For more information please follow this link: My account is not performing well. What is the reason?

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