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What are Machine Hacks?

Machine Hacks help you to create better keywords and ads. This is how it works:

Shorten the product title

Often the product title is quite long, because if you use this feed also for Google Shopping, you will stuff as many keywords in it as possible. So you can't really use the product title for a keyword. The machine hack to shorten the product title offers you a way to do it.

Example 1:
{{product_title:3}} - Just the first 3 words of the product title will be shown.

Example 2:

{{product_title:-4}} - The last 4 words of the product title will be removed.


This is great to test different keyword templates to see how exactly a keyword should be in order to get enough traffic without losing quality. You can do something like this:

  • Template 1: {{product_title:-1}}
  • Template 2: {{product_title:-2}}
  • Template 3: {{product_title:-3}}
  • Template 4: {{product_title:-4}}


In every template you remove one word more from the product title. Later you can check the performance of the resulting keywords to see what is the best setup.


Search and replace

Sometimes you have some words in your product attributes you cannot use in an ad (due to trademark reasons, for example). So you could just remove them in the blacklist on the ad template page but we have a hack for you that could make it a bit smarter.


You have sport shoes, but you can't show the brand in the ads. You can do something like this in the blacklist:

  • Nike, Adidas > Great sports


So every Nike shoes or Adidas shoes will be replaced by "Great sports shoes". It's not like showing the brand, but far better than just show nothing.


Subdomain hack

Sometimes you would like to use a different subdomain as a Display URL than your deep links have. We have the solution.

  • If you put "{sub:}" in front of the Display URL, every subdomain (www,..) will be removed from the Display URL.
  • If you put "{sub:shoes}" in front of the Display URL, every subdomain (www,..) will be replaced with "shoes'".
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