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How do I define ad templates?

Here is a quick introduction to our template concept. You can define as much of the template as you want. You must take care to use product attributes, and you should use attributes that are particular to each product.


So if you use the product title as the attribute, you can be sure that you will later receive an individual ad for that product. If you choose brand as an attribute, you will have all ads with the same text.


Create an ad template

You can add product attributes to every part of the ad by clicking on them. Then you can add text yourself to the input fields. You can always check the preview on the right to see some examples based upon your product data.

If you would like to add another template, simply click on “Add another template”.


Use the headline overflow

If you add a product attribute to the headline, this could generate headlines that are too long. However, you can use the overflow feature to handle this. When activated, any longer text in the headline will continue in the first description line. Be sure to enter some alternative text into the description line for every product where the headline is not too long.


Template filters

Additionally, you can apply filters to your template:

  • Remove duplicates: It checks for any words that are used at least twice in the final keyword and deletes the last one.

  • Remove stop words: General stop words will be removed. Learn more about stop words.


Exclude specific brands or other words

It could be a legal issue for some brands to show up in your ads. Therefore, you can add these words by clicking “Add items” in the negative list block. Simply add one word per row.

You can also let the BBM search for brand names and replace them with any desired word. This way the brand name will not appear in your AdWords add. Learn more about the search and replace feature. 


Please note that the BBM is restricted by AdWords limits. That means 4 million active and paused ad groups can be managed per account and 5 million elements for the ad group targeting are allowed per account (such as keywords, placements, and targeting lists). 

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