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How do I define keyword templates?

Here is an introduction to our template concept. You can define as much of the template as you like. You must take care to use product attributes in them, and you should use product attributes that are particular to each product. 

If you use the product title as attributes, you can be sure that you will later receive an individual keyword for that product. If you only use the brand as an attribute, you will have all products with the same keyword.

Create a keyword template

First select the match type. Because you are generating at least one keyword per product, consider not choosing a broad match since this could cost you more money.

Then create the keyword template. You can add product attributes by clicking on them. Then you can add text yourself to the template. You can always check the preview on the right to see some examples based upon your product data.

If you would like to add another template, click on “add another template.”


Template filters

Additionally, you can apply some filters to this template:

  • Remove duplicates: It checks for any words that appear at least twice in the final keyword and then deletes the last one.

  • Remove stop words: The BBM removes general stop words. Learn more about stop words.


Activated and paused keywords

Keywords created by the BBM will always be set to active. You can pause existing keywords in AdWords, this is not changed by the BBM initially. If product data that are used in the template change, the BBM will created new, active keywords from these templates and delete the old ones. 

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