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What do I need to use the BBM?

To start using the BBM you only need two things:

  • The product feed you already use for the Google Merchant Center

  • A Google AdWords account


The setup is easy and will lead you through 5 steps:

1. Feed upload
Just paste your feed URL and upload it. Based on the number of products, this can take up to 15 minutes.

2. Campaign settings
Define how the BBM should create the new campaign and set the budget and targeting.

3. Keyword templates
Define how a keyword for each product should appear. Mix the product attribute with your own words.

4. Ad template
Define how an ad for each product should look. The preview allows you to see the final results.

5. Preview
Perform a final check with the powerful preview function to see what kind of campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads the BBM will generate. If everything is fine, connect your Google AdWords account, set up your login, and begin the upload to AdWords.

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