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Which campaign settings are available in the BBM?

1. Determine the structure

In the campaign settings, your first task is to define how the BBM should arrange your product ad groups into campaigns. You can decide based upon which product attribute the BBM should use to classify the ad groups and create the campaigns:

  • Category: The Google categories in your feed 
  • Brand: The brands in your feed
  • AdWords grouping: Your entries in the AdWords grouping attribute


For example, if you select "brand", the BBM will generate one campaign for every brand and include all product ad groups with this brand in the campaign. If there are too many products for one campaign, the BBM will create a second campaign with the brand name and an increment number at the end.

2. Set the name

After this, you can decide how the campaigns should be named. They will have the selected grouping argument in their name pattern, but you can add other patterns as well. If you prefer to distinguish between different country feeds, you can prefix them, for instance with "DE" or "EN". You can always check the preview on the right to see some examples based upon your product data.


3. Set the budget

Your campaigns need a budget before they are ready to go. You can choose a generic budget that applies to all campaigns or you can choose to set a shared budget that all campaigns will use together.

The shared budgets are a new AdWords feature, and it is highly useful if you prefer to have some flexibility with budget management. If you want to learn more about shared budgets, review the Google documentation online at:


4. Set your initial CPC

Define the CPC with which the BBM should start (you can refine them later in AdWords), or sign up for Adspert's bid management tool, so we can do this automatically for you.


5. Select your targeting

As in Google AdWords, select the network and your country. 


6. Define the naming of the ad groups

The BBM generates one ad group for each product, and you decide how these ad groups should be named. You can select the mix of product attributes that works best for you. Take care to have at least one attribute selected so that the ad groups have different names.

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