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Is there a preview before my product ads are generated?

On the summary page, you can review the results of your setup steps. In the preview, you can see how the BBM will create campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads for each product. You can see more examples if you click on the arrows in the top right.

If you would like to change your templates, click on the navigation item on the left. You can always jump back and forth. Thereby, your changes will always be saved.


Let your product campaigns be created

If you are happy with the results of the preview, tell the BBM the AdWords account where it should create the product campaigns. Just click on “Connect your AdWords account.” This will redirect you to Google AdWords where you need to sign in (if you are not logged in) and approve our request.

Once this is done, you will be redirected back and can now create your login. Enter your email and password to login so you can come back later to edit your product campaign data.

Finally, hit the button, and the BBM will ask you again if you want to start the AdWords upload. If you reply yes, the BBM will begin the upload. This might take up to 45 minutes, and you will then receive an email from us when it is ready.

Please note:
The BBM do not start your campaigns. All campaigns will be paused after upload, so you must activate them yourself. This allows you the opportunity to look into them and check that everything is working fine.

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