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Which platforms does Adspert Programmatic Display support?

Currently Adspert Programmatic Display supports more than 40 different platforms (more to come). The most important ones are:

Adap.TV, Adconductor, Admeta, adscale, adskom, aerserv, appnexus, beanstock, Bid Switch, BrightRoll, centro, facebook, FALK realtime, floor6,, doubleclick by google, gumgum, iAd, improve digital, Index Exchange, LiveRail, AOLadtech, millenial media, mopub, Opera Mediaworks, OpenX, Optimatic, PubMatic, Pulsepoint, rubicon, smartclip, smartstreamTV, sonobi, sovrn, SpotX, stickyads, switch, Technorati, Tremor Video, Xaxis, Yieldlab, Zedo

With those platforms we obtain a big coverage in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and parts of Africa.

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