1) Selecting the right account and products

Before starting the trial it's important to select the right account. We suggest selecting an account that has at least 30 conversions in the last 30 days. Besides that, it's important to make sure that the products are sufficient for advertising (Enough reviews for the products, A+ content will help to have a better conversion rate).

2) Define objective(s)

Before starting the trial it's important to define the objective. How are you going to look at the trial and decide when it's successful or not? This will make the decision making easier after the trial and will also be easier for Adspert to work towards the objective.

3) Set up the trial

3.1) Select Campaigns: In the setting, you can select campaigns that you’d like to optimise with Adspert. We would suggest starting with some campaigns that have enough conversions (at least 30 in the last 30 days).

3.2) Keywords suggestions: We recommend choosing "Add new keywords automatically" instead of "Suggest new keywords only" mode because Adspert will create a manual campaign corresponding to the automatic campaign and will allow Product Targeting to generate more sales. With the setting "Suggest new keywords only" Adspert is not able to suggest Product Targeting options and is only available as the "Add new keywords automatically" setting.

3.3) Goal: Set a “Cost/Month” goal for all groups and campaigns. Select the value similar to the performance of the campaign aggregate in the performance group of the last 30 days and keep it at least for the next 10 days. Since Adspert needs to learn and collect data in the first face of the trial, it would be best to not change too much compared to the last 30 days. This will allow Adspert to find the optimal bids and right ACoS). After 10 days, the goal can be changed to what you have set as an objective from step 2, e.g. if you want to get as many sales as possible regardless of ACoS then the cost/month goal would be the best option. In order to understand all the goal possibilities at Adspert, please watch this video “How to set new targets?”.

3.4) Connect to MWS: We will get more data which helps us to optimise better and in addition, you can see the picture and title of your products. You can find the MWS connection step-by-step guide under the “Product” tab in Adspert.

3.5) Budget suggestion: check the Adspert budget suggestion after one week of optimisation. A higher daily budget will give Adspert more flexibility to generate more sales.

4) Bear in mind

4.1) Unrealistic expectations: Some Amazon sellers expect unrealistic results, e.g. decreasing the ACoS from 50% to 10% in two days. This is quite a discrepancy and Adspert would need more time to reach this goal. In such a case, Adspert needs to collect data and set out bids to find the optimal bid to improve the ACoS. This obviously takes some time. Besides that, adding new keywords could improve the ACoS, however, this also takes time to suggest new keywords.

4.2) Manually changing bid: Amazon advertisers who have optimised their account with Adspert should not change the bids manually. It will impact their performance.

4.3) Having enough reviews, nice pictures and good listing will increase the conversion rate even if the tool optimises the bids properly.

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