In this article, Adspert explains the difference between Adspert & Google Smart-bidding and what you need to take into account when working with Adspert directly after utilising Google Smart-bidding.

Difference between Google Smart-bidding and Adspert.

The difference between both automated bidding solutions is centred mostly on conversion prioritisation. Google’s main priority is to maximise conversion, regardless of whether they are profitable. Adspert focuses on maximum profits and seeks the sweet spot where a conversion generates the highest revenue at the lowest possible advertising cost and thus maximising profitability. From Adspert experience, this results in higher valuable conversions generated by Adspert and Google generating slightly more conversions with higher costs.

How to work with Adspert after using Smart-bidding?

If you have already used smart bidding and you want to try another tool such as Adspert, please be aware of the following points:

  1. Smart-bidding does not show historical data e.g. CPC bids & bid adjustments. This results in a period wherein Adspert needs to gather data before analysing the results from Adspert. This could be done by either manually optimising the campaigns for 14 days before and providing Adspert read-only access or giving Adspert at least 14 days for the data collection period. One of these options will give Adspert the opportunity to gather data and will result in better results in a trial because the first 14 days are not taken into account.

  2. When you activate the optimisation in Adspert, you need to turn off the optimisation by Smart bidding or any other auto scripts that you have in Google Ads. Adspert is only able to optimise your campaigns when the bidding strategy is set as” Manual CPC” which means Adspert will take over the steering wheel of the optimisation.

  3. Adspert can not optimise Smart ads campaigns (Shopping and Display), because Google does not provide any data via API and those campaigns are only suited for Smart-bidding.

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