In this article, Adspert provides more context to the notification of "Non-Optimized Campaigns Steal Our Budget". This notification triggers for campaigns optimized with Adspert that share a budget with non-optimized campaigns.

The notification description

Description: We've noticed that your optimized and non-optimized campaigns share the same budget. This might have an adverse effect on the optimization process. Please either start optimizing the non-optimized campaigns or change the share budgets on the native advertising platform.

Conditions to trigger

This alert triggers for accounts that have campaigns that are optimized and not optimized and use the same budget.

Why is this important?

It could be possible that the non-optimized campaign uses up most of the budget and then nothing is left over for the optimized campaign. Please make sure that the optimized campaigns have their own budget

What steps to take?

Please set a single budget only for the optimized campaigns.

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