We do not recommend using search campaigns with display network activation in combination with Adsperts.

When managing the search campaign with display network activation, there are no differences to the search campaign: you can set budgets, select relevant keywords, create ads and set bids in both campaigns.

However, we would like to point out that Google uses the spending pattern to estimate whether there will be an unused budget on any given day.

Based on the keywords in the search campaign, Google will find websites, apps, videos to place ads, etc. The entire remaining budget could then be used for this without Adspert being able to influence this.

For this reason, we do not recommend using Adspert and recommend creating separate search and display campaigns.

If you still want to use search campaigns with display network activation, be aware that the entire daily budget of your campaign can be used for this activity by Google. One consequence could be that the cost/month target is greatly exceeded.

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