Yes, if you enable the setting add new keywords automatically:

If you have an manaul campaign and automatic campaign, we will try to link them. Please be aware off the following conditions that needs to be met for campaigns to be linked:

  • Adspert must optimize both the automatic and the manual campaign.

  • Both campaigns must be active.

  • The automatic campaign can't have any ad groups with over 10,000 product ads.

  • Both campaigns have to have identical or nearly identical product sets.

  • The campaigns must be linked one-to-one.

Besides that you need to consider the following:

  • Adspert won’t link an automatic campaign to several manual campaigns (excluding product-targeted campaigns).

  • Adspert won’t link a single manual campaign to several automatic campaigns having the same product set.

  • Adspert won’t link multiple automatic campaigns to multiple manual campaigns having the same product set.

  • Manual campaigns having only product-targeted ad groups will not be considered for linking as it’s impossible to add keywords to a product-targeted ad group. All the above conditions also apply to manual campaigns having both keyword-targeted and mixed ad groups.

If there is no link possible between an automatic campaign and a manual campaign, we will create a manual campaign if you have the setting on “add new keywords automatically. We will do that according to this article: How does Adspert transfer Keywords from an automatic to manual campaign?

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