When you have enabled the setting add new keywords automatically:

And when it is not possible to link your current automatic and manual campaigns, see for more details about restrictions of campaign linking: Can I work with my current automatic and manual campaigns and Adspert adds keywords?

Then Adspert will create a manual campaign based on your automatic campaign. Adspert will duplicate your automatic campaign name & structure and will add the name MANUAL in brackets. Thus, you can differentiate your own created automatic campaign with the manual campaign that Adspert created by MANUAL in brackets, as follow:

In regards to the ad groups, Adspert will duplicate the ad groups from the automatic campaign but will create two identical ad groups from the original ad group. They will be called the same only with [MANUAL] & [MANUAL] [PAT] behind the original name. The difference between them is that Adspert will add in the [MANUAL] ad groups Keyword and in the [MANUAL] [PAT] ad group we will add ASINs.


You have an automatic campaign called "Jeans" with an ad group called "Blue jeans".

Adspert will create a manual campaign called "Jeans [MANUAL]" and creates two ad groups "bleu jeans [MANUAL]" and "bleu jeans [MANUAL] [PAT]".


The imagine below explains again the structure when we will create a manual campaign with an automatic campaign.

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