By default, when you view an Amazon account on the Products page, we display your ASIN (SKU) and product image.

As an Amazon seller, you will be able to see your product names as well as product images. In order to do so, you need to connect MWS with your Adspert account.

How do I allow Adspert to share my images and product shots?

When you open the Products page, you will see a yellow bar above the graphic. Click on "Connect Amazon MWS" and follow the instructions. As soon as you have completed the step-by-step guide, Adspert will load the data. Be aware it can take up to 24h until the data is visible on our product page.

If you do not see this yellow bar, try to log out and in again. As a rule, the yellow bar will be displayed again.

You can find more information about the advantages and about the MWS connection in the article What are the advantages of connecting Adspert with MWS?

What if I have an Amazon vendor or Google shopping account?

Unfortunately, there is still no possibility for these accounts to enrich the "Products" page with further information, as there is no corresponding APIs with this data for third parties.

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