The value correction factor is only available to clients who optimize for conversions with values coming in via the Google AdWords API.

If the conversion values in your AdWords account have been encrypted (i. e. multiplied by a factor), you can use the correction factor in Adspert to decrypt them and optimize for real revenues. Please see below for sample usage scenarios:

Scenario 1:
All revenues in AdWords were multiplied by 0.2. Then, as the correction factor in Adspert you need to plug in 1/0,2* which is 5 or 500% in this case.

Scenario 2:
Spending is in EUR but revenues are in GBP (1 GBP is about 1,20 EUR). If you want revenues to be in EUR as well, put in 120% as the correction factor in Adspert.

In other cases, we suggest to leave the correction factor at 100% and use the Goals & Promotions page in your Adspert account to set your targets.

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