Select this goal if you want to spend roughly a certain budget per 30 days.

The monthly goal will be divided by 30 days independently from the month to assure continuity. Starting from the day of goal setting, Adspert tries to reach the daily goals in the way that the goal per “month” is reached by spacing it out to 30 consecutive days. If Adspert bids too high or too low on one day, it doesn’t compensate it in the following days because too high adjustments may harm the performance and this could lead to escalating effects.

Depending on changes in the account or market, Adspert may be over or under your budget goal. If you need a fixed budget limit, please set it in AdWords.

Please note:

You can set a costs per month goal independently if you convey conversion values to Adspert.

However, we always recommend to convey your profit before ad spend values. This way Adspert is able to distribute the budget optimally within the cost goal. Learn more about conversion values and goals in Adspert.

Why should the budget set in AdWords be higher than the goal set in Adspert?

If you set a cost per month goal, Adspert tries to spend on average a thirtieth of the budget daily. Since expenses vary (partly by chance, partly depending on a certain weekday), you will have higher and lower daily expenses from time to time. This is totally normal and fluctuations compensate one another so that your expenses meet your desired average.

In case your set daily budget in Adspert is equated to your desired average expenses, the situation will change. AdWords will decrease days with higher expenses to the desired budget. For days with lower expenses nothing will happen. Hence, the average expenses are lower and thereby the goal can’t be achieved.

To avoid this problem, AdWords budgets should exceed the goals set in Adspert. Mostly a 20% higher budget is sufficient. For accounts with strongly varying expenses, a higher budget is advisable.

Goal setting in Adspert:

> Control

> Goals & Promotions

Learn more about possible goal settings in Adspert.

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