If you have received the following email, you have removed access for Adspert to your AdWords account.

"You have removed access for Adspert to yourAdWords account. Did you really want to do that? Visit your Adspert account settings to reinstate access."

Since you have removed the access to your AdWords account or MCC, Adspert is no longer able to optimize your account.

If you would like to keep profiting from Adspert's results-oriented and targeted optimization, you can reinstate the access to your AdWords account.

1. Via your AdWords account

Give Adspert back all access rights in your Google AdWords account provided that the access method was changed (i.e. to "read only").

2. Via your Adspert account

The Customer Admin is able to reinstate the access in the Adspert account.

1. Click on the red badge "Optimization cancelled" and click on "Reinstate access to your account".

2. Reinstate access for the specific AdWords account via the table column "Platform access".

Do you have any questions? Let us know: support@adspert.de

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