Choose this goal if you want to achieve a certain return on investment (ROI),also known as ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). Adspert calculates the ROI as follows: conveyed profit before ad spend divided by costs. For a successful ROI optimization your AdWords conversion tracking must register conversion values.

Proceed the following way:

1. Calculate your goal ROI:
ROI = Sum of profits before ad spend / Sum of ad spends

2. Enter your goal ROI in Adspert.

3. Typically your goal ROI is > 1 if you want to make profit.



= Sum of profits before ad spend / Sum of ad spends
= 10.000,- EUR / 5.000,- EUR
= 2

In this example you enter “2” as goal ROI in Adspert.

Please note:

For the goal setting ROI it es needed to convey your profit before ad spend.

In case you would like to convey your revenue, make sure to enter a significantly higher goal ROI. Learn more about conversion values and goals in Adspert.

Goal setting in Adspert:

> Control

> Goals & Promotions

Learn more about possible goal settings in Adspert.

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