You can change your payment method in just a few steps. This is how it works:

1. Log in to your Adspert-Account

2. Click on the top-right button

3. Select "Adspert Account Settings"

4. Select “Payment Methods”

5. At either your credit card or bank transfer credentials and click on "Save Changes"

If you have already entered a payment method.

5. Select "Add payment method

6. Choose between "Credit Card" and "SEPA

7. Enter either your credit card or bank transfer details and click "Save changes".

8. Starting with the next invoice, Adspert will use the now deposited & primary payment method to settle the invoice amount.

If you have already paid an invoice using the payment link provided on the invoice, this payment method will be stored in your Adspert account. In order to use it for future invoices, please set it to "primary payment method".

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